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Focus is the Teaching and Learning Newsletter from Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College and is written and compiled by staff to share good practice, highlight new ideas and develop our professional pedagogy.


Welcome to the first issue of our T&L Newsletter. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this issue. As we can no longer congregate in large groups to swap tips, I believe this could become an invaluable tool for sharing, as we continue to navigate this new approach to teaching. With that in mind this first issue is focused on home learning. I hope you find it useful!



Welcome to the World of Teaching using Microsoft Teams

Written by Mrs. Fletcher

Straight in at the Deep End

At the start of September everyone was over the moon to be back at school and in their routines, keeping our fingers crossed that normality was here to stay. However, with various forms of isolation looming, the introduction of an online teaching platform was essential……………HELLO Microsoft Teams.

This first half term has seen our dedicated staff dive right in with our first whole year group isolation happening a lot earlier than anticipated. Staff adapted our broad and balanced curriculum into a blend of face to face materials and online learning resources.


Access – How?

All staff and students have access to an Office365 account so the first step was to highlight this. Training was provided through the CPD programme and via a screen cast on the website. This ensured everyone knew how to access the applications and log into MS Teams.


Resources – Where?

Staff have worked extremely hard to provide a plethora of resources that meet the needs of their students. This has included; voice over PowerPoint presentations from the Geography and Computing department, the use of a visualizer for enhanced demonstrations from Science and Maths, ‘live’ lessons from Citizenship. This continues to grow from strength to strength as staff CPD moves to the next level of advanced MS Teams training.


Engagement – Success?

All of the technology was in place and staff sat eagerly waiting for their students to ask questions or send a message. This was a new way of working for Year 11 students too and some took the plunge and got involved. Student voice stated ‘we love that we can interact with our teachers like we can in the classroom, even when we are at home.’ However, not all students engaged.

Moving into Autumn two we are hoping to increase involvement by:

  • Increase staff confidence by continuing CPD
  • Take time in lessons to show students how to access work and explain our expectations
  • Continue to create resources that are accessible and allow for interaction
  • Follow up with barriers to learning and support with their removal

Overall, it’s been an extremely successful half term integrating home learning into our daily routine. Like with all initiatives at Our Lady’s the hardworking, dedicated staff go above and beyond to support the success of students. We will continue to work together to develop our skills as we tread these uncertain waters. A huge thank you to everyone, together we will get through this!

Success Stories

Citizenship have succesfully used Teams for live teaching and to assess exam questions. Students used Microsoft Forms to submit their work and good examples were distributed to the class to support DIRT excercises.

The History and Geography departments have been using quizzes on Microsoft Teams during which students have been completing quick fire retention tasks. It is worth noting that quizzes self mark and give advice for students to improve.

The RE department were absolutely delighted at the level of engagement displayed by their Year 9 pupils during their recent week of Home Learning. Pupils asked intelligent questions which prompted in depth discussions and paved the way to produce outstanding pieces of work.

Maths have being using Teams to broadcast live lessons. They also used Teams quizzes to continue with their recall starters for all year groups.

Citizenship Example

History / Geography Example

RE Example

Maths Example


Written by Miss. Calderbank

This term we have started the process of introducing STEM Careers across the curriculum.

Initially, we are encouraging departments to produce a display highlighting careers relevant to their specialism whilst signposting resources available to students.

Eventually we would like departments to embed careers information into each topic to help students see the real life worth to what they are studying.

We have launched the OLQP STEM Instagram page to showcase the excellent work produced across the school and ‘Stemspirations’ of inspiring people who have developed our strong STEM culture across the UK.

STEM Awards will be launched after half term. Students will be nominated every 2 weeks for fantastic work within STEM subjects.


Written by Mrs. Devlin

Whole Class Feedback

The aim of Whole Class Feedback is to enable students to self-assess and improve their work. It also cuts down on the time a teacher will spend marking books.

How to do WCF:

  1. Decide on a piece of work to be marked
  2. Collect in books and review students work making notes of general positives and negatives
  3. Next lesson – share these with students using examples of good and poor pieces of work
  4. Students then self assess their work – picking out good points and areas to improve
  5. They then rewrite their answers adding in the improvements or they answer a similar question applying what they have just learnt

After reviewing their work student re-write their answer ensuring they include all improvements.

You can have all look at how each department has amended their marking policy on

T:drive/policies/covid marking amendments.doc


This is an example of Year 10 work that has had whole class feedback. Learners have highlighted good parts in green and added in improvements in purple.

After reviewing their work they have re-written their answer ensuring they include all their improvements.


The following links are recent publications that address Home Learning. If you come across any useful links or books that would be good to share please email Rebecca.

Over the summer, we purchased some new books for our CPD library which you are most welcome to explore.


Next half term we will be fundraising for Ghana. As we are not able to provide our annual fundraising trip we would like to continue to support our partner in Eguafo 4000 miles away.

We will be asking staff to record their walking, cycling and running journeys to reach a collective total of 4000 miles before Christmas.

Look out for ‘Who dares to walk 4000 miles to Ghana?’ posters to be put up soon.

9th November - CPD Opt in Events

15th December - AC1 Data Drop 

Lesson observations - Engineering & DT, Maths, Science, and English & Geography.


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