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There is no doubt that Our Lady Queen of Peace promotes and values continuous learning. The regular offer each Monday evening covers topical matters and developments. People regularly receive updates and refreshers on mandatory needs including safeguarding, health and safety or food hygiene. There is a constant learning curve on new technologies including the use of iPads. People confirm that career development and further higher level study is constant for those who want it and that they have opportunities to build their professional development credits into Masters degrees.

The college uses performance management effectively and as a constructive and developmental tool. It is already prepared for the new requirements that come into effect from September 2014. The observation and feedback from lessons is well-established and now engages more people in peer observation. People see it as developmental and positive. The college's Newly Qualified Teachers receive regular feedback through observation and mentoring and as a result this helps them to successfully complete their year as they enter the profession.

The college is very clear about the qualities that its current and future leaders need to demonstrate. It places great emphasis on professional knowledge, people leadership skills, continuing professional development and most importantly, its ethos and values. (Bill Twiss IIP 2014)

Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPD)

Staff, parents and governors can find information about the CPD programme available to our community. We believe in constant CPD to ensure that we are leading the way with change and continuous impovements to pedagogy. Our CPD programme has the motto 'For staff, by staff'. Our Lady's is also part of a West Lancashire-wide School to School Support programme. In February 2014, we invited 6 Headeachers to observe 35 lessons across the school to triangulate our own judgements on the quality of provision. The outcomes of such monitoring visits, help us to formulate improvement plans and therefore keep our CPD programme relevant and valued. In addiiton, we offer leadership training to our local schools as part of a collaborative area-wide CPD programme. Our CPD programme is fully inclusive and there is an integrated programme for governors, associate staff, teaching assistants and teaching staff. We are also establishing a CPD programme for our student leaders in liaison with West Lancashire schools. 


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