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DfE Performance Tables

DfE Performance Tables

Click on the link below to go to the Department for Education Performance Tables for OLQP. Again, you can compare how well the school is performing against national benchmarks. You can see how we are ranking against similar schools and improvements which are being made. The site gives you access to how funding is spent and the proportions that is spent on staffing, for example, in comparison to other schools.

Please be aware that the Government introduced new rules about early entry this year which have affected the DfE Performance Tables in a very negative way. These tables are not reflective of the final grades that our students achieved. They reflect only the first entry for an exam. As a school, in liaison with parents, we chose to continue to enter our children in both November and the summer series of examinations. This gave them maximum opportunities to pass and helped them to guage what they needed to do in the summer exam to raise their overall grade. We are proud that we continued to provide these opportunties to our students. You can see two sets of data below. The first link for Performance Tables is from the DfE and contains first entry results only, hence the significant difference between this and final results, which can be found by clicking the second link - Schools' Performance Tables.

Performance Tables - First Entry

Schools' Performance Tables - Final Outcome

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