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Links with Industry

Links with Industry

The college sees its stakeholders as important. It makes very good use of its partners in the business sector to support its status as a Centre of Excellence for Engineering. The school's innovative practice in engaging stakeholders results in Our Lady Queen of Peace holding International Summer Schools. It takes a keen interest in its Alumni, often highlighting the successes of former students, several of whom now work at the college, visit or undertake placements with it.  (Bill Twiss 2014)

Our current industry partners include:

  • Scott Safety (Careers and International Development)
  • Turtle Wax (Sponsorship of National Competitions)
  • Pepsico Walkers (Supporting the Science Curriculum)
  • Pilkingtons - NSG (Supporting CEIAG and Science Curriculum)
  • Procter and Gamble (Supporting the Engineering Surriculum, Community Activities and Fund Raising)
  • Institute of Civil Engineers (Supporting Engineering and CEIAG in STEM)
  • Royal Academy of Engineers (STEM Curriculum Development)
  • SCA Hygiene (Providing Apprenticeships)
  • Bodycote (Providing Apprenticeships and Supporting the Engineering Curriculum)





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