Proud of Our Mission

“To teach means not only to impart what we know, but also to reveal who we are by living what we believe.

It is this latter lesson which tends to last the longest.”

Saint John Paul II

Our Mission

In Christ We Grow

As a learning community we live out our Mission Statement striving for excellence through caring, sharing and achieving.

Our core values foster love, justice and hope.

At Our Lady Queen of Peace we offer the very best standards of education, extra curricular activities and pastoral support. Our Catholic ethos is at the heart of the school and we ensure that inclusion and community responsibility are at the centre of our daily life.

What this means for our parents and students is that they are proud to belong to a school that values everyone and strives for success.


Proud of Our School

“Catholic life is lived as an all embracing mission that is intent upon global citizenship.”

Outstanding Archdiocesan Report

“Students’ understanding and awareness of those of different faiths, cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles is extremely strong as a result of the full and varied programme of additional activities, assemblies and international links.”

Ofsted Report

Welcome to our school prospectus. I hope that you find it informative and useful as you begin to make the important decision about which secondary school you would like for your child.

Naturally, you will want the very best possible education for your children and we believe that our school offers just that. Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College is an innovative, vibrant and exciting learning community where children achieve exceptionally well academically and develop as well-rounded young people who live by the Gospel values. Our Mission Statement 'In Christ We Grow' recognises that Christian principles are at the centre of every aspect of school life and we expect everyone in our community to care, share and achieve.

Our expectations are high and our talented staff work hard to forge outstanding relationships with both students and their families. No stone is left unturned in our pursuit of the very best for our children. Our GCSE results are excellent with subjects regularly achieving well above national averages. Our Engineering specialism has been recognised by the Schools Network at leading and transforming level because of the contribution it makes to improving results across the school. Our Lady’s has achieved the International School Award at the highest level together with Inclusion Quality Mark at Flagship Status. We have also achieved Investors in People Gold Award and the Leading Parent Partnership Award. Other awards include ArtsMark, Cultural Diversity Quality Standard and Quality in Study Support Award.

We believe in high standards of appearance, behaviour and classwork and we understand that personal study is fundamental in ensuring maximum progress. We pride ourselves in the vast programme of extra-curricular activities, holiday schools and weekend study sessions made available to our children. International links are important to us and we have many partner schools and businesses across the world. Every two years we host our International Summer School with children from Ghana, Mauritius, Spain, Russia and the UK coming together to work on exciting activities, for example, the science of flight. Our sporting success is outstanding and our young people regularly achieve the best in West Lancashire and Lancashire schools, across a range of sports. Our many Musical Evenings and Drama Productions give our young people outstanding opportunities to develop their confidence and self-belief, along with the opportunity to develop and showcase their excellent talents.

Our many successes can only be achieved through a strong Home-School Partnership. We believe that it is of fundamental importance in ensuring that your child is happy and makes maximum progress in school and we make every effort to keep you informed at every stage of your child's education. Our Parent Portal holds a wealth of support and advice for our families and provides direct access to your child's progress data and reports.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the school.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome and should you wish to visit our school on a normal working day, you would be most welcome!

Yours sincerely,

Ms A Knight (Headteacher)

Proud of Our Faith

“The quality of Collective Worship provided by the school is outstanding”

Outstanding Archdiocesan Inspection

“Leaders and managers provide outstanding promotion of community cohesion.”

Outstanding Archdiocesan Inspection

Individual Value

Catholic education is distinctive in nature; it is an endless journey on which people are transformed through personal encounters and deep relationships. In its simplest terms, the children entrusted to our care can only learn through the outstanding relationships with those staff charged with their formation. All aspects of school life have a profound impact on the formation of our young people and our staff place these relationships at the heart of all that we do. Our culture is one of compassion, care, humility, gentleness and forgiveness. Our Mission Statement In Christ we Grow underpins the school's drive for the very best standards for our children and it is crucial that our community understands the fundamental importance of the key principles of caring, sharing and achieving.

Our School Chaplains play a vital role within our community, providing spiritual guidance and supporting the outstanding pastoral care programme that our children deserve. Children have daily use of our Chapel and we regularly hold full school Masses and services. We also visit other places of worship and most recently the whole school visited the Cathedral in Liverpool to celebrate the Feast Day of Ss Peter and Paul. Collective Worship is a fundamental part of school life and spiritual, moral social and cultural development are outstanding. Our assembly programme allows learners and staff to express their faith openly whilst our full school assemblies afford children and staff the time and space to reflect together as a school community.

Promoting Happiness and Community Cohesion

Our five Houses are named after engineers and we have vertical tutor groups which comprise of children from all year groups. This engenders a sense of belonging and breaks down barriers between children in different year groups. Children become mentors and buddies for each other. There is a strong sense of community, responsibility and love for one another. Children are encouraged to develop leadership skills and are confident in expressing themselves.

Proud of Our Specialism

“The school's Catholic ethos and Engineering specialism underpin all aspects of the well-resourced and valued learning community.”

Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship Report

“During their time at school, students develop attitudes and skills that equip them exceptionally well for the world of work. Many students develop creative and practical skills as a result of the school's specialist status; 'engineering thinking' is embedded within the curriculum.”

Ofsted Report

World Class Opportunities

Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College became a specialist Engineering College in 2004 and strives to be a centre of excellence in learning and teaching. Engineering College status requires us to be exceptional in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and the core values continue to underpin school improvement and development. Those four principles, which are integral to and complement our Catholic Mission, sum up what is distinctive about our Engineering college:

A creative problem-solving culture;
Team work;
Links with industry;
Engineering across the curriculum

Our success in raising standards and providing all children with a wide variety of opportunities to develop those critical thinking skills associated with engineering is a significant strength. We have developed strong links with the wider community and offer extensive enrichment activities, including: Formula 1 challenge, Girls in Aerospace, international summer schools, Scalextric car making, extreme physics and rocket making. Engineering is delivered through a range of qualifications associated with Technology, Maths and Science.
As an Engineering College we:

Recognise, foster and reward Engineering creativity and capability;
Develop an understanding of Engineering as a vital creative part of human culture;
Promote life-long learning opportunities within and beyond our school community.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

These important subjects are vital to sustain economic growth in the UK and are recognised by the government as key to the UK's future prosperity and global competitiveness. At Our Lady Queen of Peace, these subjects are integral to the curriculum, providing a deep knowledge and skill base, allowing students to progress easily to further and higher education. GCSE results in these curriculum areas are outstanding because of high quality facilities, teaching and resources. Our dedicated STEM Co-ordinator, under the supervision of our Assistant Headteacher, provides enrichment activities and events for our school and the local community. Examples include Scalextric for Schools, girls in engineering, STEM themed events and many competitions to inspire and motivate our students. Recently, our link with PML 30 School in St Petersburg, Russia has afforded both schools the opportunity to share design ideas and manufacture Scalextric cars. The project has now been extended to other schools in other countries.

Engineering Specialism Quality Mark

Our Lady’s was awarded the Specialism Quality Mark at the highest level – Leading and Transforming. The Specialism Quality Mark was awarded to the school in recognition of:

“The specialism is contributing significantly to sustained improvement in standards. Ambitious leadership and governance provide support to ensure that challenging targets are consistently exceeded. Progress and attainment in the specialist areas and across the school are good and often outstanding. The engineering specialism has led to significant improvement in teaching and learning. Students confidently describe how engineers solve problems and clearly understand the importance of knowledge acquisition and application.”

“The school has a local, regional and national reputation for delivering high quality engineering and STEM related courses. This is supported by strong partnerships with industry, providing young people with authentic engineering experiences and opportunities for career progression, for example through apprenticeships.”

Proud of Our Excellence

“Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College should be congratulated for their exceptional achievement. They have proved themselves to be leading the field in improving GCSE outcomes for their students.”

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT

“Teachers use questions skilfully during lessons to check on the progress of students and to adapt learning to maintain pace and interest.”

Ofsted Report

Excellence At Our Core

Our aim is that all children will leave us with:

Values, morals and beliefs to lead Christian lives;
Skills required for life and employment in an ever changing global society;
The best examination results they are capable of achieving.

Our expectations and standards are high and we seek excellence from all our learners. We recognise and celebrate success in all aspects of school life, not just academic achievements. We are very proud of our major sporting, musical and dramatic successes. The extra-curricular programme on offer to our children is extensive and inclusive. We expect all our young people to work hard and create a positive learning environment for others.

The school has excellent resources. Every department has laptops and many have iPads. The building is very well presented and we are constantly investing in further provided outstanding facilities. Our most recent improvements include: a Year 11 multi purpose Common Room, a new Library and new ICT and MFL suites. Our budget is used to provide the very best learning materials and we open the building at weekends and during the holidays for tailored revision sessions and extra-curricular provision. Our year on year investment ensures that our students receive the very best.

We place great value on parental partnerships and have been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award. We believe that it is crucial to work together to ensure that our children receive the best possible education and are prepared for their future life. Parents can expect excellent information, advice and guidance through: progress and written reports, Review Days, Parents' Evenings, information evenings and are always welcome to make an appointment to come into school to meet learning managers, form teachers and teaching staff. You may contact the leadership team at any point to discuss any worries or make suggestions on how to continue to improve our school.

Outstanding Teaching

Our aim is to ensure consistently outstanding teaching and learning. Our lessons are 75 minutes in length and there are four lessons a day. Having longer lessons means that every child receives the attention that they deserve. Our philosophy is that it is not only what we teach but how we teach and therefore our staff plan carefully structured lessons with fully differentiated materials to ensure maximum progress is made. They ensure outstanding behaviour for learning and focus on developing purposeful relationships, promoting a positive attitude to learning. This is what makes us special. You can track the achievement of your child at any time on our interactive Parent Portal. 

Proud of Our Inclusion

“A school that is clearly at the heart of its local community where inclusion is ingrained in the very fabric of the school and care, nurture and support is at the centre of everything that occurs here, for staff and students alike.”

Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship Report

“The school makes sure that all children succeed academically and become fully developed individuals who ensure that Gospel Values underpin all aspects of their lives.”

Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship Report

Caring For All

Inclusivity is key to our school's success and is central to our Catholic ethos. This is why we are so successful with the most vulnerable learners; outcomes are outstanding and all children benefit from the Catholic life of the school. This is only achievable because our staff see their role as a vocation and the building remains a 'hub of the community' with a wealth of extended learning opportunities, way beyond the norm.


We have excellent primary links and many of our staff teach their specialist subjects in our family of primary schools. We offer summer schools for Year 5 and 6 and many taster days and experiences for children in all year groups. In Key Stage 4, we offer visits to local colleges and have dedicated Careers Education Advisers who offer impartial advice to all children. Parents are very confident with how quickly new children settle to the school and our House system enhances the family life in school. Practically every child moves into further education or training. Our parent support package provides contacts and information to make transition as seamless as possible.

Joining a new school can be a daunting experience. At Our Lady Queen of Peace we try to make the process as comfortable and smooth as possible.

We have a close relationship with all the Catholic primary schools in Skelmersdale which enables us to share information easily. Even before pupils start at the school, we know what their needs are and how to address them.

In addition, we have a programme which enables staff from Our Lady's to teach in our local primary schools. This innovative project allows students to meet our staff and in turn enables us to get to know them. By the time they join our school there will be at least one member of staff who is a familiar face.

Starting in Year 5, we host a series of taster days, so that pupils in Skelmersdale can experience a day at Our Lady Queen of Peace. Guided tours are particularly helpful as students can be daunted by the move to a much larger building and this can aleviate any worries. They will also take part in lessons and activities.

Prior to joining the school we also find it useful to provide orientation days for for students in Year 6. These usually take place in the summer term and reinforce our commitment to ensuring that the transition process is painless.

During the taster days we take the opportunity of inviting Year 5 and 6 students to our Summer Schools which are fun, free and friendly. We have found that by the time students finally arrive as pupils, they already feel at home.

Our Summer School programme for this year is on the following dates:

Year 5 14th - 16th August
Year 6 19th - 23rd August


Our modern uniform empowers students to be proud to belong. It provides an identity and a sense of being part of the community. Pupils with uninforms participate more and achieve to a higher level.

The importance of uniform can not be overstated and for this reason, from September 2018 it was provided free to all Year 7 students. From the moment they enter the school, a student will know that they are part of our family.

We feel that an investment made at this stage of their life can enable a student to succees and reach their goals.

Special Educational Needs

Children with Special Educational Needs are well supported by the school and staff are extremely conscious of their particular needs. They are very closely monitored. The school provides a multi-discipline team led by an experienced specialist teacher to assist all learners identified as needing additional support. The school building has extra facilities to provide access for the physically disabled and we have a large team of Teaching Assistants who are deployed to meet individual needs. All staff are expected to plan for each individual child. We have an Inclusion Manager who is responsible for those on the Special Educational Needs Register.

Inclusion Centre

Our Inclusion Centre is used for any child who may need additional support for a variety of different reasons. Examples include: reintegration after illness, vulnerable learners, those needing emotional support and referrals by staff for one to one support. This area is staffed by teachers and an experienced teaching assistant to ensure that it is highly effective in addressing short term needs and removing barriers to learning. So effective are our inclusion systems that we have practically eradicated exclusions from school because potential issues are identified early and addressed.

Pupil Premium

We receive a specific budget known as Pupil Premium to support our free school meal learners to achieve as well or better than their peers. Some examples of what this specific funding has enabled us to do include:

Purchase additional resources; Provide Academic Study Support; Upgrade facilities; Provide small group or one-to-one tuition; Offer weekend & holiday learning opportunities; Provide late evening study sessions; Provide additional IT equipment; Purchase new texts to support learning; Offer targeted sessions at local HE colleges; Offer curriculum support; Offer Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance; Provide Counselling and revision guidance seminars.

Counselling Services

The school employs a Learning Mentor and Home School Liaison Officer who is able to support children experiencing difficulties or problems. In addition to this we have an external professional counselling service for those children who find themselves in more challenging circumstances. Our Chaplains are also available for the pastoral care of our learners and their families.

Safeguarding & Children Looked After

The safeguarding of all learners is the responsibility of all staff, however we have a dedicated team to liaise with multi agencies, children and their families. Our experienced team is always on hand to provide advice, guidance and support. Children looked after are well cared for and achieve exceptionally well.

Able, Gifted and Talented

Our very able students are closely monitored throughout the year and provided with appropriately challenging opportunities to excel both in lessons and through the wider extensive extra curricular programme.

All our Able, Gifted and Talented students are set challenging individual targets for expected progress and our dedicated AGT Co-ordinator ensures that best practice strategies are used by staff, leading to outstanding student progress and outcomes.

Proud of Our Curriculum

A Personalised Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8, children are introduced to a wide variety of subjects, giving them a solid foundation in the knowledge, skills and understanding required at Key Stage 3.

In Year 9, learners are given the opportunity to follow GCSE subjects. They choose their first option subject from the list adjacent. In addition they must choose either History or Geography to help them to achieve the English Baccalaureate.

In Years 10 and 11, learners choose further Subjects to study in addition to the core offer.


Preparing Our Students For The Future

Our curriculum is tailored to meet individual needs and children begin to build their portfolio of GCSE qualifications in Year 9, where they choose to study their first option subject.

All students are expected to work hard and do their very best. This ensures that they are active in their learning and that each class is a rewarding experience. Parents are actively encouraged to be involved in their child's education as this is critical to encourage and motivate.

Technology is used to enhance and support learning and every child has free internet access at school and a personal e-mail address. Regular use of the school website and the establishment of a virtual learning environment give children and parents access to a wide range of support and resources.

Children are required to engage in meaningful personal study as statistics show that it is crucial to success in examinations and independent learning is an essential skill required in life. It is compulsory for all children and as a school we ensure that the work set is appropriate and challenging. There is always access to supervised study from 15:00 – 17:00 after school with a range of support staff available and the Learning Resource Centre is open every day.

Learning BASE (Behaviour and Social Education)

Our Learning Base provides support for those learners who may need additional support in accessing the curriculum. Their curriculum is further tailored to meet their individual needs, with extra support in Maths and English.

Proud of Our Opportunities

“Through working with partner schools students are developing the skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving and active global citizenship.”

International School Award

“Students reach standards well above average.”

Ofsted Report

Creating The Right Environment

We are a successful school. Every individual child must enjoy their education and be happy. Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Engineering College prides itself on providing a welcoming, safe, secure and comfortable environment. Children and adults are treated with care and respect and there are many opportunities for spiritual, moral, personal and physical development where students take responsibility.

Sporting activities, musical concerts, theatrical performances and educational visits are an astounding success at Our Lady's, where children strive to give their best, grow in confidence and experience a new and exciting dimension to education. All learners are encouraged to take part in clubs, activities and summer schools which are varied, exciting and engaging.


Effort and progress are rewarded. Regular award ceremonies and assemblies provide the opportunity to celebrate success as a whole community. Our rewards system allows learners to collect points and make purchases from the online shop.

Each year we hold our annual Reward Day which is filled with exciting events including: a roller disco, ice rink, go-karts, a climbing wall, a music festival, cake decorating, nail art and street dance.

Student Voice & School Council

We are very proud of our large team of children who are involved in the many Student Voice groups within school. They are given the task of evaluating the effectiveness of the school and look for ways to improve our children’s experience. As such we are always creating new initiatives that establish an open, honest relationship between staff, governors and students.

The Student Voice Team ensures that students’ views and opinions are heard, count and actively support school improvement. Students can participate in a variety of programmes including; sitting on the School Council, joining the Board of Governors, interviewing new staff, helping at students conferences, participating in online surveys, contributing at department meetings and mentoring others.


Children throughout the school are further engaged in Leadership opportunities when they take up positions such as Primary Ambassadors, Prefects, Dance Leaders and positions of responsibility throughout the school.

Extra-Curricular / Holiday Programmes

Our extra-curricular programme is vast and includes many varied activities from school productions, music concerts, dance shows, arts evenings and sporting activities. On Saturdays, children may attend the Artz Academy, a drama club run by a local company. The list of opportunities is endless and children are encouraged to experience as much as possible. The academic study support programme is well resourced and provides a wraparound facility for children who may need a quiet space to complete personal study. Visits are made to Edge Hill to use their facilities for tailored revision sessions. Overseas visits are arranged by staff to exciting places including: Spain, France, Mauritius, Ghana and New York. These visits provide a real opportunity to develop a knowledge of another language, engage in a sport or musical tour or lap up the cultural sights of another country. Students have also taken part in overseas projects as part of our extensive International Programme.

Proud of Our Awards

“The quality of Collective Worship provided by the school is outstanding”

Outstanding Archdiocesan Inspection

“The curriculum of Our Lady Queen of Peace and its international activities certainly prepare the students for life and work in a global economy.”

International School Award

Our Lady’s has been awarded the Inclusion Quality mark at the very highest Flagship Level.

“Inclusion underpins everything that happens both inside and outside the building and OLQP continues to grow as a superbly inclusive, highly positive and very innovative school community, focused on quality teaching, learning and life experiences for all those involved, students and staff alike.”

Inclusion Quality Mark Flagship Report

We are proud of all that 0ur Lady’s offers our young people and our external awards include Investors in People Gold Award and Leading Parent Partnership Award as well as Arts Mark, Cultural Diversity Quality Standard and Quality in Study Support Award. Our most recent awards this year include Accreditation of the International School Award at the highest level, an outstanding achievement. Our “exemplary and inspiring” International Programme includes exciting partnerships with establishments in Ghana, Mauritius, Russia, France, Netherlands, Bangladesh, USA and further links with Spain, Mexico, India and Japan.

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