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Art Guide Presenting Work

How do I...Present my work?

1. Your Intentions for the shoot

What were your intentions and initial ideas for the shoot?
Ensure you discuss any artists who you have investigated and how they influenced your work

2. Contact sheets

Contact sheets must be printed for each shoot you do, Annotate and circle the ones you are editing/have chosen to develop, This will help show a critical understanding of your work, ideas and intentions.

3. Enlarged Images

Present your strongest images on a larger scale in your sketchbook neatly and clearly.
Show the unedited versions next to your edited versions, however make them smaller in size, so not to seem more important and draw attention away from your “best” work.

4. Experiments

Take your best images and experiment with them, exploring possible variations using appropriate techniques, for example Photoshop techniques, printing on different materials etc.

5. Annotations on Image/Series:

  • What is the image/series about? Explain what your intentions were.
  • What concept, message or meaning did you intend to communicate or explore?
  • Describe the image visually. What is the image of? What is the main focus?
  • Describe the image visually using key features and vocabulary.
  • How have you achieved your meaning, concept or message?
  • What techniques have you used to create the meaning/concept or message?
  • Remember to discuss composition, colour, lighting, perspective, body and facial language and camera effects
  • How will you develop your work for the next shoot?
  • What would you like to build on and develop in your next shoot?
  • How will you further enhance your project using aspects of this shoot?





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