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Art Guide Analysis

How do I...Analyse a photographer’s work?

1. Basic Information

In your sketchbook or online record make sure you include the following as a minimum:

  • The name of the photographer
  • What country are they from? (This is important as it puts the work into context).
  • The name and date of the series that you are interested in
  • The name and date of any images you choose from the series to analyse
  • What is the image/series about?
  • Research and explain what the artist's intentions are. What concept, message or meaning did the artist want to communicate or explore?

2. Visual Qualities

  • Why do you like about the image?
  • What is the image of?
  • What is the main focus?
  • Can you talk about any of the formal elements? Line, Colour, Shape, Form, Texture, Pattern, Tone...
  • How has the artist achieved the meaning, concept or message in their image?
  • What techniques has the artist used to create the meaning/concept or message?
  • What composition style have they used? Leading lines, golden section, the rule of thirds...
  • How have they used the lighting in the image?
  • If they have used people in their photos can you read any body or facial language?

3. Analyse what the photographer is trying to communicate

  • What do you think this work is about?
  • What techniques has the artist used to create the meaning/concept or message?
  • What do you think they are trying to communicate? And to whom?
  • Is there a deeper meaning to this work? Why take these types of photos?

4. Relate to your own work

This is VERY important so do not leave it out! By answering these questions you will be explaining to the examiner just how you intend to use this investigation work to inspire your own work.

  • How will you be influenced by this artist?
  • What techniques, concepts or visual effects are you most inspired by?
  • How will you take this influence and use it in your work?





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