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Art Guide AO1

Assessment Objective 1

Developing Ideas

You must develop your ideas for your projects by investigating various photographers, artists or designers. You should also undertake trips out of the classroom to gather photos that will aid your ideas.
You must analyse and annotate your images with your thoughts and opinions. Always link your ideas back to your original research.

The Project Brief

Decide on what direction you which to take your project and who will be your main influences.

Gather Images

Find examples of photographers work that inspires or interests you.

Analyse Photos

Use the analysing photographers help sheet to write about the work you have found.


Try to recreate elements of the photographers work. This will enable you to understand how they created their photos.

Develop Ideas

Using all your research start to develop your own ideas.

Other Inspiration

Find other sources to inspire you also, such as locations, art movements, photo manipulation styles etc...





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